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Rokita Statement on Third Anniversary of President Obama's "Stimulus" Bill


Location: Washington, DC

Representative Todd Rokita issued the following statement on the third anniversary of the President signing the failed "stimulus" bill into law.

"The President continues to tout the success of his failed stimulus bill, three years after he signed it into law. When compared to the promises and benchmarks set by the President and his Administration, the stimulus bill has failed to deliver. A trillion dollars has been spent over the last three years and we have little to show for it. Hoosiers were told that this massive federal spending legislation would keep unemployment below eight percent. Unemployment has not dropped below eight percent for nearly three years. Even the President's own Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, was unable to gloss over the facts when I questioned him yesterday as he testified before the House Budget Committee.

The economy continues to stall, as evidenced by the anemic level of economic growth. The President's stimulus bill only stimulated one thing, our debt. The Obama Administration received a check from the then-Democrat Congress with numbers so large, that it was virtually a blank check, straight out of American taxpayers' bank accounts. Even with this blank check, the President has no return to offer Americans for their forced investment. Despite these poor results, the President has continued to ask for more. What the President must realize is that throwing more hard-earned taxpayer monies at the economy will not fix a thing.

Americans demand leadership, but it is clear that the President has already given up governing and has returned to the empty promise and prose machine of 2008. While he gives speeches and holds fundraisers, the American people are still plagued by the President's hopeless economic policy and refusal to lead. Relief and confidence are needed now, not vague promises, demagoguery, and more spending. The House of Representatives has passed over thirty pro-jobs bills that the Democratic Senate and the President refuse to acknowledge. I ask that the President and the Senate help the unemployed find work by acting on House legislation that will foster economic growth. Americans cannot endure their failure to lead any longer."

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