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Solving America's Energy Crisis


Location: Washington, DC

On what seems to be an annual basis, lawmakers engage in battle over the cost of gas prices. Typically, this predicament presents itself during the peak travel months of the summer. However, this year's annual predicament has come early due to numerous economic and geopolitical events occurring around the world causing gas prices to skyrocket to what is predicted to be $5 a gallon.

Out of frustration, some of my Republican colleagues might place blame on the policies of the Obama Administration, and Democrats may counter with anti-drilling sentiments. While, blame and division are convenient messaging instruments during times of high gas prices, working together to find solutions, although difficult, will result in better outcomes for our country.

Instead of condemnation for policies of Congress or the White House, I encourage my colleagues to rise above this oil debate. While Republicans and Democrats sling blame, Americans are struggling. They're struggling to feed their families, with reduction of their disposable incomes, and with decisions of expansion of their small businesses.

While some claim policymakers have very few tools to influence gasoline prices I believe there are steps we can take to lesson the blow on the American people.

The keystone pipeline is a crucial element in not only creating jobs but in reducing our dependency on hostile regions of the world for our energy supply. I sincerely hope the President will reconsider his recent decision not to grant permission for the pipeline.

Renewable energy also possesses great opportunity for our country.We must increase our supply of safe, clean energy to provide power for our electrical grid. I support clean coal technology, nuclear power plants, wind, solar, and hydro energy, and natural gas exploration. These proven technologies have minimal impact on the environment while also providing an abundant source of energy right here in the United States. This effort will also help create jobs in American communities and towns.

Furthermore, America has a vast supply of oil that must be tapped. Every day, we send our precious dollars to countries that wish us harm. The problem can be mitigated by permitting leases to oil companies off of our shores and opening up new areas of exploration in the continental United States. Bureaucratic red tape must be reduced; creating energy cannot be so burdensome, tedious, and cost prohibitive that oil companies wish to do business in other countries that have little to no environmental safeguards.

Energy security is a major challenge, but it will be surmounted through American ingenuity, innovation, and natural resources. The Executive and Legislative Branches of our government must come together to ensure a robust economy. By working together our government can signal to the markets and the rest of the world that America is capable of working together to solve our energy problems.

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