More Kentucky Jobs Threatened

Press Release

By:  Mitch McConnell
Date: Feb. 24, 2012
Location: Unknown

The jobs at another Kentucky company are again at risk if the government takes their contract and awards it to Federal Prison Industries, a government agency that employs federal prison inmates. Campbellsville Apparel Company, based in Campbellsville, Kentucky, makes t-shirts for the Armed Forces and employs around 170 hard-working Kentuckians. But these jobs are in jeopardy if the Administration awards their contract to the Federal Prison Industries.

Senator McConnell, who has been in touch with the company and recently wrote a letter in support of the facility and its workers, said the following: "Once again the Federal Prison Industries is threatening to take jobs away from hard-working Kentuckians and give them to prisoners. The workers at Campbellsville Apparel have been making clothing for our Armed Forces for years, and now their jobs are in jeopardy. With Kentucky's unemployment still above 9 percent, now is not the time for this Administration to start looking for ways to pay convicts to take law-abiding, taxpaying Kentuckians' jobs."

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