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Larson Applauds AT&T Commitment to Natural Gas-Powered Vehicles

Press Release

Location: East Hartfod, CT

This morning Congressman John B. Larson (CT-01) joined AT&T leadership to highlight AT&T's commitment to alternative fuel vehicles, in particular those powered by compressed natural gas.

AT&T recently announced that they will be putting 15,000 alternative fuel vehicles on the road nationwide by 2018. In Connecticut, the company has deployed 274 alternative fuel vehicles, with 229 of them being powered by compressed natural gas.

Congressman Larson has been a strong supporter of natural gas as an alternative to diesel fuel for the nation's trucking and heavy-duty vehicle fleets. On average, it costs a third less to fill a vehicle with natural gas than traditional gasoline, and since 98 percent of the natural gas used by the United States is domestic, it is not subject to outside political and economic pressures. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel -- it produces less than half as much pollution as coal for electricity and up to 25 percent less than oil for transportation.

Recognizing the benefits of natural gas, Larson is a lead sponsor of the bipartisan NAT GAS Act which incentivize the use of natural gas to power vehicle fleets.

"When it comes to big trucks, natural gas is a natural choice. Not only is it abundant, affordable, and American -- which means it's good for companies bottom line and the nation's economy -- but it also burns cleaner than diesel fuels and is better for our environment."

Congressman Larson said. "That's why I'm such a big proponent of the NAT GAS Act, and why I'm honored to be here today with AT&T to see how they are taking the lead in moving towards cleaner alternative fuel vehicles for their fleet. I hope other businesses here in the greater-Hartford area and throughout Connecticut will recognize the potential of natural gas and do the same."

The NAT GAS Act, which currently has 181 co-sponsors and has been endorsed by President Obama, would provide a tax credit for the purchase of a natural gas truck; create a new tax credit for equipment manufacturers that produce natural gas vehicles (NGVs) to encourage production and sale in the U.S.; and, provide grants for the development of light- and heavy-duty NGVs and engines to ensure the U.S. stays at the forefront of clean energy development.

Joining the Congressman to take a look at the one of the new vehicles was AT&T Connecticut President Rodney Smith.

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