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Infringing Upon Religious Rights

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. SAM JOHNSON of Texas. I rise today in support of freedom and liberty, the basic principles our country was founded upon. It's a sad day for America when our President infringes upon our religious rights, a fundamental right protected by the First Amendment.

The President announced he will make a so-called accommodation on the ObamaCare rule requiring religiously affiliated organizations to offer insurance plans that cover contraception.

Even though the President slightly backtracked his attack on religious freedom, he did not go far enough. The new rule still mandates that religious organizations with moral objections will be forced to act against their religious beliefs.

This is not about health care; it's about our rights under the First Amendment. And this is yet another example of why we must repeal ObamaCare in its entirety, adhere to the basic tenets of our Constitution, and stop the administration's severe overreach. The sooner we repeal ObamaCare, the sooner we restore freedom and liberty to all Americans.

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