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Chuck Fleischmann Introduces the Freeze Government Spending Act of 2012


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Chuck Fleischmann introduced the Freeze Government Spending Act of 2012 to freeze discretionary spending until 2021. This bill will save at least $856 billion, and continues Congressman Fleischmann's promise to fight for less government and less spending.

"Recent spending, especially under President Obama, has simply grown to unsustainable levels. By freezing spending, this bill provides common-sense fiscal discipline to our nation and reverses years of out-of-control spending. By providing a pathway to fiscal responsibility, the Freeze Government Spending Act holds the line against undisciplined spending. Just as importantly, it does not automatically compromise our defense spending, allowing us to continue to be the world's greatest military power that can be funded at a proper level to meet our defense needs," Fleischmann said.

"President Obama likes to say that a budget is a "moral document', but unfortunately his most recent budget proposal once again does not match his words. I believe a budget is about more than spending, it's about our national priorities. Do we want to be a nation where we focus on government's core responsibilities, and maintain fiscally sound policies? Or do we want to be a nation buried under a mountain of debt that leverages our children's and grandchildren's futures? As a fiscal conservative, I know where I stand on this issue. This is why I have introduced the Freeze Government Spending Act of 2012, in order to freeze spending and make the tough choices necessary to get our fiscal house in order.

"Since being sworn-in last year, I have voted to cut government spending, reduce regulations, and get government out of the way so Americans can get back to work. This bill is a continuation of my promise to the 3rd District to fight against a large federal government and for less government spending. I kept that promise my first year in Congress and will continue to do so this year."

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