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MSNBC "Hardball with Chris Matthews" - Transcript


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Why did the mandate survive even in this form with the external sonogram requirement?

BARBARA FAVOLA (R), VIRGINIA STATE SENATOR: Well, the mandate is really -- it`s a ridiculous approach.

And I think Governor McDonnell showed his true colors. The General Assembly spent lots of time on this transvaginal issue that was part of the first bill, which Governor McDonnell clearly wanted. He proposed and had his allies advocate for it in the General Assembly.

It wasn`t until hundreds and thousands women actually pushed back and demonstrated on the state capitol and we heard from the American Medical Association and a number of other interest groups where the governor decided to amend the bill and actually just require these external sonograms.

But let`s be clear. There is no need to require anything. If in fact a woman medically needs this procedure, doctors will perform them. So there is no need to require anything. If in fact a woman medically needs
this procedure, doctors will perform them.

So, there is no room for the state government in these decisions. No room at all. And it`s just totally inappropriate. I oppose the bill.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Do you think there`s any evidence, not that you have to give their argument, but do you know -- do they have any evidence to suggest that if women are forced under law, a threat of law and sanction, to have these sonograms and whatever form before having an abortion? Is there any evidence they choose any number not to have an abortion, which you would think would be their argument? Is that their argument, that that will discourage women who go into the clinic to get an
abortion, will they actually decide not to based on that information or not? Or is it just to torture people?

FAVOLA: Well, that clearly -- I mean, their intent is to prevent women from exercising their constitutional rights in accessing an abortion. And I think they are trying --

MATTHEWS: What do you mean prevent them? I mean, telling them -- discourage them. Not prevent them. Discourage them.

FAVOLA: Well, I would say -- I would say prevent. I mean, these are pretty egregious bills, Chris.

MATTHEWS: How would they prevent? How would they prevent?

FAVOLA: Nobody can -- well, nobody can even point to an example in Virginia history where we have actually gotten involved in the practice of medicine and dictated to doctors how they should practice medicine. So, you know, and let me just go on. You know, when you mandate anything, and it`s not medically necessary, it`s really -- insurance companies don`t have to cover it.

MATTHEWS: OK. I hear you. I hear your point.

FAVOLA: Poor women would be referred to clinics where there are long lines. And, of course, in Virginia, they are called pregnancy crisis centers. And they are really -- and they`re really abortion prevention

So, you know, this has got lots of ramifications.


FAVOLA: And you and I, and a lot of -- everybody will be paying through higher insurance premiums.

MATTHEWS: OK. Thank you, Senator. Hold up there for a second.

Let me bring in Congressman Cummings.


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