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Shuster Statement on the Payroll Tax Credit Extension


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Shuster issued the following statement on the extension of the payroll tax credit:

"The bipartisan agreement on the payroll tax extension passed by the House today is not perfect by any means, but it was necessary to prevent a tax increase on working Americans.

The fact that Congress had to rush to pass this extension so close to its deadline is a testament to the inability of the Democrat controlled Senate from acting on legislative initiatives to improve our economy. Last December, House Republicans passed a fully offset payroll tax extension with a robust Medicare reimbursement formula only to have it fail in the Senate. In addition, over the past year the House passed over 30 other pro-growth bills for job creation only to have them collecting dust in the Senate.

America works when both chambers of Congress act in the best interest of the American people. We cannot fix this economy and increase the labor force when only one side of the Capitol is working. I call on my Senate colleagues to act in a swift and responsible manner to pass the House jobs plan and vote on the budget the House sent them 1,000 days ago."

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