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Shuster Statement on the 3rd Anniversary of the Failed Stimulus


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Shuster issued the following statement on the 3rd anniversary of the stimulus:

"Three years ago, President Obama unveiled a stimulus package that was focused heavily on improvements to our infrastructure to create "shovel ready jobs." Today, unemployment remains above 8 percent and the length of time Americans have spent in the unemployment line rivals only the Great Depression in severity.

A third of the infrastructure money included in the stimulus to create jobs still sits in Washington and our road, bridge and transit programs continue to be mired down in red tape, bureaucracy and needless regulation.

The President's stimulus has failed on all fronts. Amazingly despite his administration's failures, the President has decided double down with a budget request for transportation that calls for more of the same.

Throwing money into a broken system will not improve our roads and bridges. We need immediate reform like that found in the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act.

This landmark legislation represents the most fundamental reform of our nation's transportation system since the 1950's. This legislation reforms or eliminates over 70 burdensome programs. Most important, the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act puts the power back into the hands of the states to direct transportation funding where it is needed most and used best."

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