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Boswell Amendment to Encourage Companies with Domestic Oil Leases to Hire Veterans Blocked by House GOP


Location: Washington, DC

During the House Rules Committee's consideration of H.R. 7, the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act of 2012, Republican leaders, without explanation, rejected an amendment submitted by Congressman Boswell that would require oil companies that are awarded domestic leases to give preference to veterans when hiring workers.

Just weeks ago, a similar measure giving veterans hiring preference on highway construction projects was accepted by Republicans in the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

"I am extremely disappointed by my Republican colleagues' refusal to take up this amendment which would have helped curb the devastating unemployment situation our country's service members face when returning home," Boswell said.

"This was a bipartisan amendment but the continued political jockeying of their party has put those who have served our country on the backburner."

Last May, Boswell submitted the exact same amendment and it, too, was blocked by Republicans without explanation or discussion.

"This is further proof that House Republicans do not believe the oil companies who lease federal land and harvest its natural resources should be held to the same standards as government contractors and subcontractors," Boswell continued.

"I hear from Iowans everyday who are struggling with these high gas prices. They want to end our bondage to OPEC, speculation in the market and the tax breaks we're giving to oil companies that are making record profits. We're not doing any of that because of Republican stonewalling like this."

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