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GOP Doctors Caucus: Save Medicare

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. BROUN of Georgia. Dr. Fleming, I appreciate you yielding me some time.

Mr. Speaker, the American people need to understand very clearly that this administration, this President's policy on Medicare, as well as our Democratic colleagues here in the House and the Senate, can be summarized by four Ds: They want to deny that there's a problem; they want to delay fixing it; they want to destroy Medicare as we know it today; and they want to demonize those of us who want to fix it so that it is a good and solid program for the future generations of this country.

That's exactly what we're trying to do here tonight is focus upon the fact that, number one, they do want to deny it. They even deny that there's a problem. They keep saying that they want to save Medicare as we know it today, but Medicare is not sustainable as we know it today because it's going broke. And it's going broke because of failed policies of this administration, and it's getting worse and worse.

Hopefully, we'll see the Supreme Court throw out the Affordable Care Act, the President's reform bill, which is going to be disastrous. It's going to destroy the doctor-patient relationship. It's going to destroy budgets, from individual budgets, businesses' budgets,

States' budgets, even the Federal budget. IPAB, as Dr. Harris was talking about, is going to be disastrous because we're going to have rationing of care.

Our Democrat colleagues and this President want to deny that there is any problem. They want to delay doing anything about it. In fact, the Ryan budget, our budget that we passed last year, started the dialogue, started the process of looking at trying to fix Medicare for future generations. But our Democrat colleagues don't want to do that. They want to delay fixing it. They just want to posture. They want to try to do anything that they can to not face the fact that we've got to deal with Medicare and the financial problems it has that my good friend from Maryland, Dr. Harris, talked about.

Their policy is going to destroy Medicare. They're already destroying Medicare Advantage. We've seen, as Dr. Fleming talked about, we've already seen the President's Affordable Care Act has destroyed Medicare Advantage and has cut $500 billion, one-half trillion dollars out of Medicare. And then they want to demonize us who want to do something about it.

I introduced my Patient Option Act, which is a comprehensive health care reform plan. It deals with Medicare. It helps to save it for future generations. I introduced it in the last Congress. We reintroduced it to put in place a repeal section to repeal ObamaCare and replace that disastrous law that we have in place, the Affordable Care Act, for something that makes sense, that will lower the cost of all health care services and products for everybody in this country.

We are tweaking it, and I'm going to reintroduce my Patient Option Act just in the next week or two. It's just a little over 100 pages. It's a comprehensive bill. It's market-based, and it puts the doctor and patient in charge of making all health care decisions, not some bureaucrat here in Washington, D.C., that the President and our Democrat colleagues want to have in every single doctor-patient relationship. Whether you're on Medicare or not, they want to insert a bureaucrat from Washington, D.C., to make those decisions for you.

The American people need to know, Mr. Speaker, that our colleagues on the Democratic side and this President, if they have their way, they're going to deny there's a problem. They're delaying fixing it. They're going to destroy Medicare as we know it, and they want to demonize us that want to fix it.

We're not going to sit still. We're not going to have it. We're going to continue to fight to make Medicare available, make insurance available for everybody at a lower price. That's exactly what Republicans are doing.

We have a plan--many plans. Actually, there have been numerous bills introduced by many colleagues on our side, physician colleagues. Dr. Tom Price from Roswell, Georgia, orthopedic surgeon, one of our Georgia colleagues, introduced his plan. We've got many plans here.

So we're fighting to save Medicare. Our Democrat colleagues and this administration, this President, are going to destroy it.


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