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Hearing of the Legislative Branch Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee - Government Accountability Office (GAO) FY2013 Budget Hearing


Location: Washington, DC

We will now turn to the Government Accountability Office. I would like to welcome Comptroller General Gene Dodaro.

The fiscal year 2013 budget request for GAO is $526 million. This is $15 million over their fiscal year 2012.

The General Accountability Office is coined the "investigative arm" of Congress and "the congressional watchdog". They are tasked with improving government performance, accountability, and transparency. In fiscal year 2011 the GAO estimates that for every $1 invested in GAO--the federal government receives a
return on that investment of $81. As I have stated before I'm tempted to give you $1 billion dollars and maybe you can solve all our problems. But, I know and you know it is not that easy.

We are trying to better stewards of the taxpayer dollars and the hard work performed by the excellent staff of the GAO in helping us do our jobs is greatly appreciated.

Mr. Dodaro, your full statement will be inserted in the record at this time. Please summarize your remarks and introduce your staff that are accompanying you today.

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