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Congressman Rivera: Three Years after the Stimulus, President's Budget Highlights Continued Fiscal Irresponsibility


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman David Rivera (FL-25) released the following statement on President Barack Obama's budget and the anniversary of the stimulus package.

"In February of 2009 President Obama made great claims about what his stimulus plan would mean for America's economy. He told the American people that spending $800 billion of our money would save, or create, 3.5 million jobs. He told us that this massive government expenditure would put us on a path to economic prosperity, cautioning that this was a process that would be measured in years, not months.

"Three years later, we have not seen the unemployment rate go below eight percent. Three years later, the percentage of working Americans has hit a 30 year low as more people give up on looking for work every day. Three years later, the national debt stands at more than $15 trillion and is growing by the second.

"Three years later, President Obama's solution to our nation's continued economic woes are the same as they were three years ago. President Obama presented a budget this week that asks for more of the same; more taxes, more spending and more borrowing as a means of creating jobs. The President's budget highlights his continuing fiscal irresponsibility.

"We cannot continue to spend money we don't have on failed government programs, while imposing burdensome taxes and regulations on job creators who are struggling in this economy. It is time for the President and Senate Democrats to work with House Republicans and stop blocking bipartisan bills that will create jobs and address Washington's spending addiction."

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