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Issue Position: Economy and Taxes

Issue Position


Issue Position: Economy and Taxes

The U.S. economy is amazing, the creativity and resourcefulness of our people is the envy of the world. But, our businesses are struggling under the burden of government. Taxes and regulations from Washington are choking the economy -- yet the "answers' out of Washington are more regulation, higher taxes, "targeted' incentives and crony capitalism. Our economy and our businesses are on life support.

The answer is not more government, the answer is limited government. The Treasury is printing dollars and the Federal Reserve is tinkering with interest rates and its making things worse. There is a simple prescription to get the economy moving:

Repeal Obamacare

Rein in the EPA and other agencies

Cut, Cap & Balance

No Tax increases. We do not have a revenue problem in the federal government -- we have a spending problem. We need real cuts in federal spending, not simply minor reductions in the projected budgets. In the long-term we need to scrap our current tax system and replace it with flatter and lower taxes across the board. In the short-term I support maintaining or lowering marginal rates for individuals and businesses, maintaining or lowering dividend and capital gains tax rates and eliminating the death tax.

As we reduce the government's role in the economy our businesses will invest and create jobs. It's time our leaders in Washington understand that government doesn't create jobs -- private businesses, especially small businesses -- create jobs. Business will not lead us out of this recession until the certainty of Obamacare, excessive regulation, higher taxes and threats are eliminated.

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