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Jordan: ObamaCare Rule Still Violates the First Amendment


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Urbana) issued the following statement in response to the Obama administration's revised version of an ObamaCare mandate that violates the right to religious freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution:

"Today's decision by President Obama shows that the voice of the American people is as strong as ever and I commend those who spoke out over the past week."

"This ObamaCare rule still tramples on Americans' First Amendment right to freedom of religion. It's a fig leaf, not a compromise. Whether they are affiliated with a church or not, employers will still be forced to pay an insurance company for coverage that includes abortion-inducing drugs."

"This is not just a problem for church-affiliated hospitals and charities. Under these rules, a small business owner with religious objections to abortion-inducing drugs and contraception must either violate his religious beliefs or violate the law."

"The liberal Obama administration thinks its political goals trump the religious faith of American citizens. That isn't right, fair, or constitutional."

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