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Protecting Investment in Oil Shale the Next Generation of Environmental, Energy, and Resource Security Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. LAMBORN. Mr. Chairman, I rise in support of the amendment of the committee chairman.

This amendment promotes the Republican all-of-the-above approach to energy policy in this country and will just streamline the NEPA process to ensure the efficient production of energy on public lands.

Right now we don't have a balance. We need to strike a balance. Yes, there are good environmental laws in place that are well-intended and that need to be followed to protect our air and water, but sometimes the threat of litigation or the burdensome application of regulations is used to simply slow down the production of energy, even renewable energy projects on public lands.

So this amendment will allow renewable energy developers to commit their limited resources to a single project and have some certainty that the project will actually take place. They will make the investment necessary, put in the dollars that are required to bring forth wind, solar, geothermal, even tidal types of renewable energy projects that right now will otherwise be held up by burdensome regulations.

These projects have the potential to provide many thousands of American jobs and generate millions of dollars of benefits because right now we're not getting these projects built on public lands. We need some streamlining of the burdensome regulations.

The administration claims to have placed a priority on renewable energy development; and yet roadblocks keep popping up, litigation keeps coming forward, and we don't have anything really happening on public lands. We have to get the ball rolling. That's what this amendment does.

I'm sorry that my colleague from New Jersey doesn't see it that way, but this is intended to bring forth and actually see the realization for once of some of these renewable energy projects. So I would ask for support of this amendment.


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