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Issue Position: Creating a Level Playing Field

Issue Position

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I believe that what Maine families need and deserve is a system that rewards hard work, and shares our common responsibilities equally. Entrenched interests in Washington have created an atmosphere in which a system of corporate fat cats not only pay no taxes, but are rewarded for destroying our economy and sending American manufacturing offshore. Our tax system, which is intended to provide for the common good, has instead become a crushing burden to the middle-class and working families. It's high time that fundamental reform provides that our common interests are supported by the corporations and super-rich as well as the rest of us. It's only fair. For too long, large corporations and millionaires have enjoyed large--and growing--tax breaks while the struggling middle class has not. Many of America's most wealthy have stated publicly, as American patriots, that they believe they should do more to support the work of this nation. They recognize that our future promise is far too valuable to jeopardize, as the continued demands on America will only place greater pressure on our ability to act collectively without fair taxation and fair relief for those who will build that great future. As your U.S. Senator, I will fight for Maine's working families and I will push for targeted middle class tax cuts.

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