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Statement by Governor Jan Brewer


Location: Phoenix, AZ

"Today, we honor and celebrate our nation's presidents -- men like George Washington, who led our country in its perilous early days, and Abraham Lincoln, who managed to preserve the United States at the exact moment they threatened to break apart.

"Presidential greatness has not been relegated to our forefathers. I'll always remember President Ronald Reagan as a beacon of conservative virtue, a man who told hard truths and inspired a nation with his commitment to individual freedom and liberty.

"Leaders like these served our nation, protected our freedoms and preserved our values during some of our most trying times. With America again facing economic uncertainty and political unrest, we can look to their model of leadership -- one that is humble, rooted in God's grace and guided by courage, commitment and public service.

"God bless, and have a wonderful -- and safe -- Presidents' Day."

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