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Issue Position: Developing our Domestic Energy

Issue Position

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One of the major reasons our gas and diesel prices are so high today is that, for nearly 40 years, our national energy policy has been dictated by radical environmentalists. They have blocked or limited the development of energy resources in Alaska and off our shores, and blocked the construction of oil refineries in the U.S.

We urgently need a common sense national energy policy that will open parts of Alaska and offshore to oil and gas development, that will promote the construction of needed oil refineries, and promote renewable fuels like ethanol and bio-diesel that we can produce right here in Nebraska.

When Nebraskans are paying some of the highest gas prices in the country and with continued instability in the Middle East, it is difficult to comprehend why Senator Nelson would vote against expanded domestic energy production, "

Just last week, the United States Senate voted on the Offshore Production and Safety Act co-sponsored by Senator Mike Johanns. Senator Nelson voted no on this common sense legislation.

I am concerned about the economic future of our country. Low-cost energy is vital to a strong national economy. In order to have low-cost energy, we must have adequate energy supplies. However, because of poor government policy, our energy supplies are at risk. Our dependence on foreign oil is an economic security risk. Because of poor government policyStenberg said.
, we are sending our oil money to foreign governments who are not entirely friendly to the United States.

"And we are also sending oil production jobs overseas. The United States has vast undeveloped energy resources."

"To have low-cost energy, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, keep our energy dollars and jobs at home, we need to develop our domestic energy resources. But we have not. Why haven't we? Because too many politicians in Washington have sided with the radical environmentalists to stifle domestic energy development."

"We should be developing our Alaskan oil resources. But Senator Ben Nelson opposes it. We should accelerate development of our offshore oil resources. But Senator Ben Nelson opposes it."

"In order to have a stronger economy, we must send people to Washington who will support developing our domestic energy resources."

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