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Issue Position: Illegal Immigration

Issue Position

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The flood of illegal immigrants into this country has burdened our public schools, hospitals, prisons, and social programs, costing taxpayers billions of dollars. America's porous borders are also targets for terrorists and drug smugglers who present a great risk to our national security. Unfortunately, the federal government has failed to genuinely address the problem or find viable solutions to the problem. That's why, in addition to the federal government's efforts, I continue to support state enforcement of immigration laws. Most recently, I authorized the State of Nebraska's inclusion in a "friend of the court" brief supporting the State of Arizona's law dealing with illegal immigration. The first step toward real immigration reform must focus exclusively on border security. We also must empower federal and local law enforcement agencies to enforce our current criminal and immigration laws. Our border patrol, immigration and customs officials must have the resources needed to identify and immediately deport those who've committed crimes while here illegally. Rewarding illegal behavior through amnesty should not be an option.

I'm a fifth generation Nebraskan whose ancestors came to this country and found the American Dream. They did it right and they did it legally, and so can others.

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