Floor Speech

By:  Joe Baca, Sr.
Date: Feb. 8, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BACA. Madam Speaker, it has been 400 days since the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, and we still have no bills designed to create jobs in America. Now the Republican political games are bringing us to the brink of yet another crisis.

If Congress does not act by the end of the month, 160 million Americans will see tax increases, millions more will lose their unemployment benefits, and seniors across the Nation will have access to their doctors put at risk by cuts to Medicare payments. The American people deserve better. Families need unemployment benefits and a payroll tax cut to put food on their tables and to keep roofs over their heads.

Let's do the right thing. Let's end tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires, and let's work to strengthen the middle class. We can't wait for another last-minute fix. Let's extend the payroll tax cut, unemployment benefits, and the Medicare doc fix today.

Help us stay free for all your Fellow Americans

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