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Line-Item Veto Legislation Approved by House to Rein in Federal Spending


Location: Washington, DC

This week, the House furthered its efforts to reform our nation's broken budget process and rein in spending. On Wednesday, Congressman Miller voted with a majority of his colleagues to give the President the authority to target wasteful federal spending while ensuring that Congress retains its constitutional power of the purse. Specifically, the legislation would give the President the authority to specify spending provisions contained within an appropriations bill to eliminate, and send the package of proposed spending rescissions to Congress for approval. Under the bill, spending rescission packages would be considered by the House and the Senate under expedited procedures and receive an up-or-down vote. The bill also stipulates that funds rescinded with the approval of Congress be devoted to deficit reduction, and may not be allocated or reprogrammed for any other purpose. Congressman Miller will continue to support common-sense spending restraints to address our nation's budgetary challenges and remove impediments to economic growth.

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