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Frelinghuysen on the President's FY2013 Budget


Location: Washington, DC

"I am disappointed that the President has chosen to write a political document rather than the serious budget the American people deserve.

"The budget contains more irresponsible, misguided and wasteful spending. Staring at a growing $15 trillion national debt, the President is proposing an increase in the budget deficit to an unacceptable $1.33 trillion next year! This debt crisis threatens our economy and job growth, our national security, and our very way of life and must be dealt with today, not tomorrow!

"The President is also suggesting that we raise taxes by $1.9 trillion! Residents of New Jersey are already overtaxed, fleeing to lower tax states, as are many of our businesses, taking jobs with them. Washington has a spending problem and we should not raise taxes on anyone while spending is out of control!

"And at the very time Iran is working to develop a nuclear arsenal and is rattling sabers in the direction of our Navy and our ally, Israel, the President has embarked on a path that will seriously undermine our Armed Forces.

"This budget document is more evidence that President Obama is resorting to the politics of envy and divisiveness in order to advance his campaign's agenda."

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