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Issue Position: Government Reform

Issue Position


Issue Position: Government Reform

Members of Congress are out of touch with the economic struggles of everyday Americans. Joe Miklosi supports cutting Congressional salaries, eliminating the lavish pension system for Members of Congress, eliminating perks, and reducing the corrupt influence that 35,000 registered lobbyists have in Washington, D.C.

Joe Miklosi supports a voluntary, public financing of Congressional campaigns through a voluntary, annual, tax-check off on income tax returns.

If members of Congress did not have to raise millions of dollars every year from special interest lobbyists, they could spend more time representing their constituents and solving today's most pressing challenges. Members of Congress spend as much time raising money from lobbyists as they do legislating and the results produce partisan stalemates, gridlock, and no results.

We need to ban insider trading for members of Congress so that they are not allowed to make stock purchases or perform other types of financial transactions for their own personal gain using insider trading information.
Joe Miklosi wants to increase transparency, streamline inefficiencies, and make government run more efficiently with a Reinventing Government initiative.

Reinventing Government Initiative

In 1993, President Clinton streamlined government and made it run more efficiently by creating the Reinventing Government initiative. The federal government shed 250,000 federal government employees through attrition (the lowest number of employees since John F. Kennedy occupied the White House), reduced millions of pages of paperwork, consolidated agencies, and empowered and rewarded federal government employees to locate time-saving and cost-saving measures. The results were impressive.

For example, one Small Business Administration form was reduced from 58 pages to two pages. Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars were saved. The Social Security Administration finished first in a customer service survey and ranked higher than Fortune 500 companies for short wait times on the telephone. Federal government employee morale and retention rates increased. There were numerous other benefits too.

Joe Miklosi wants to bring back the second round of the Reinventing Government initiative by partnering with federal government employees to reduce waste, increase transparency, and make government run more efficiently. Most importantly, government employees should treat citizens like a valued customer and realize that they exist to serve the public. Outstanding federal government employees should be rewarded for exemplary service. The results will be a win-win for both the consumer and an improved system of government service.

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