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Issue Position: Health Care and Medicare

Issue Position


Issue Position: Health Care and Medicare

We need to honor the commitment we made to our citizens and protect Medicare. We can make Medicare solvent for years to come and be financially responsible to all taxpayers.

The United States provides some of the most innovative health care technology services in the world. What we need to improve upon is the area of health care delivery so that more Coloradoans have access to preventative, quality health care while maintaining quality and affordability. We can reduce the number of medical mistakes by replicating the hospital Patient Safety programs that Denver Health has successfully implemented to reduce staff infections and medical mistakes, lower insurance premiums and save consumers money.

I was proud to sponsor a bill in the Colorado State House of Representatives to streamline the billing and reimbursement process. It takes too much time and costs too much money for doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and others to process medical bills in a timely manner. Doctors don't get paid on time and small business owners waste valuable time on the phone correcting a billing problem. The problem is so bad that the American Hospital Association estimates that our country loses approximately $14 billion dollars annually as a result. My legislation will save an estimated $100 - $150 million dollars during the next decade in Colorado by requiring that medical forms are processed in a more uniform manner.

By ensuring that more Coloradoans have access to affordable, quality health care, we will save money, save lives and improve the quality of life of more Coloradoans. We spend approximately 2 trillion dollars annually, nationally, and yet we rank in the middle of the pack of developed countries for indicators, such as child morbidity rates, life span and a variety of health factors. We need to be smarter about how we allocate health care dollars, focus on preventative services and think of ways to encourage more nonprofit hospitals to provide medical care.

In the Colorado State House of Representatives, I fought for purchasing pools and health care exchanges so more small business owners could reduce skyrocketing health care premiums through enhanced purchasing power, ensure that children have access to quality health care and invest in preventative services, such as mammograms, child immunizations, prostrate exams and wellness programs.

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