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Issue Position: Budget

Issue Position


Issue Position: Budget

While Washington has been busy arguing about how best NOT to pass a budget, I have either crafted or voted for all 7 balanced budgets Colorado has passed since I was elected. Whether the Governor was a Democrat or a Republican, I led the way in finding a budget that works for all of Colorado. Of course there were bumps along the road. We often disagreed, but in the end we found the common ground needed to lead. If Congress can't find a way to work together, then Congress needs new leaders.

Our federal government faces a massive debt. The only way to face this problem is by working together. We need a combination of smarter choices, cuts where we can spare them, and a tax system that makes sense.
We can make smarter choices by reviewing our government programs to find ways where we can be more effective and efficient. It is imperative that we know our public funds are being spent in the best way possible. There is a lot of talk these days about wasteful spending in government programs. Instead of slashing funds blindly, we need to seek out the areas where we can and should be doing better.

I recognize the importance of our government living within its means. There are difficult decisions to be made, and we will find cuts that are necessary to make, just as we did while crafting the Colorado state budgets. However, there are certain areas where we cannot afford drastic, devastating cuts. Education is one area, and Medicare and Social Security are two others. Had I been in Congress, I would have absolutely voted "no" on the Ryan Plan. There are better, smarter ways to tackle our debt without attacking our hard-working citizens who have paid into Social Security and Medicare their whole lives. These citizens deserve to take advantage of the benefits they worked so hard for.

Finally, taxes. Something is seriously wrong with Washington when Congressmen are willing to let the biggest burden fall on the middle class. Our current tax system is flawed. We must implement a tax structure that is fair, not one that rewards special interests with high-paid lobbyists in Washington, D.C. As your Congressman, I will be your advocate and combine fiscally conservative values, smart choices and cuts where we can afford them to help America climb out of debt. I will work to get our fiscal house in order at the federal level, just like I have done here in Colorado as a State Senator.

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