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Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy

Issue Position


Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy

The economy must be our first priority right now. Too many Americans have been out of a job for far too long, waiting for Washington to finally get its act together and do something. The toxic atmosphere in D.C. has to stop. Here in Colorado we disagree sometimes, but we find a way to solve our problems. It's time to take this sense of collaboration to Washington. It's time for Colorado Solutions.

First and foremost, Washington needs to stop punishing middle class Americans through its bickering. The payroll tax cut is set to expire, putting even more financial strain on our middle class families -- yours and mine. Yet Congress just simply can't get their act together. Protecting tax breaks for millionaires while letting middle class tax breaks lapse makes no sense. I hope that Congress will fix this newest mess, and as your Congressman I promise to fight against the wrong-headed mentality that made this debate possible by placing the focus back on helping middle class America.
Our greatest opportunity for bringing back the jobs we lost and creating even more is by supporting small business through a fair tax system, and by providing resources and opportunities for small business owners to learn and grow.

Here in Colorado, we have an incredible opportunity to invest in renewable energy. We are already a leader in industries such as wind and solar, but we can and should do better. There is no reason to follow the lead of other states, or other countries like China. Most important of all, an investment in renewable energy would create good, high-paying jobs for thousands. I have done my best to support renewable energy in the state legislature. I have supported various bills over the last seven years, including allowing producers of renewable energy to "net meter" their excess electricity, which makes it much easier and cheaper for consumers to use renewable energy.
Renewable energy also means expanding our use of natural gas -- an area that holds great potential for CD-4. It's time we tap into our resources right here on the Eastern Plains. We have the potential to create jobs and decrease our dependence on foreign oil.

Supporting the middle class, small businesses, and investing in new possibilities like renewable energy -- these are solutions to serious problems. We won't climb out of our troubles tomorrow. There is no simple fix for the number of jobs we have lost over the last four years. It will take hard work, but I have confidence that Americans, and the people of CD-4 in particular, are ready to do what it takes to fix these problems. Congress should be helping, not hindering this process.

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