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Job-Killing Regulations

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. QUAYLE. Mr. Speaker, in just this past year approximately 79,000 pages of regulations were printed in the Federal Register. The cost to comply with our regulatory enterprise exceeds $1 trillion per year.

Now this past August, the Department of Labor issued its final rule governing the non-displacement of qualified workers under service contracts. Under this rule, when a government contract is given to a new firm, the company is required to first offer employment to the previous contractor's workers.

The administration claims this rule will help government efficiency, but it gives a preference to union employees and limits the ability of the firm to negotiate and hire the workers that it actually wants. This rule will impact thousands of employers and billions in government contracting.

By piling on new hoops for employers to jump through, we are simply increasing costs that are passed on to taxpayers. Regulatory compliance costs are a hidden tax borne by us all. The administration must stop this myriad of job-killing regulations.

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