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Rep. Quayle Votes Against Typical Washington Half-Measure


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Ben Quayle released the following statement after his vote against a temporary payroll tax package that would raise the deficit without making needed reforms to the tax code:

"On the third anniversary of President Obama's failed stimulus, it's regrettable that Congress has decided to pass legislation which repeats the same costly mistakes. Gimmicks like this have been tried by both parties, and they always have the same effect: they pump up the debt without stimulating the economy. This kind of Washington half-measure distracts us from making the deep, structural reforms to our tax code that we really need. Rather than borrow money from the already-depleted Social Security trust fund, we should be working to lower all tax rates and broaden the tax base.

"In passing this bill, Congress has added $100 billion to the debt and has, yet again, punted on permanently solving the Medicare "Doc-Fix" problem. This bill is the epitome of a Washington half-measure at a time when our economy requires tax and regulatory certainty."

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