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Obama's Weekly Message Focused on a Renewal of Manufacturing Jobs - But There's No Chance of Renewal with this President


Location: Verona, PA

Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum made the following statement in response to President Obama call for a renewal of American manufacturing in his weekly address to the nation.

Rick Santorum said: "It was ironic that President Obama would make his call to renew American manufacturing from a Boeing plant considering his Administration's moves to keep Boeing from expanding and creating thousands of jobs in South Carolina.

Time and time this President has crushed American industry by doing the bidding of his cronies in Big Labor and adhering to the agenda of the Radical Environmental Left. In fact, President Obama has effectively placed a boot on the neck of American industry with his environmental regulations and taxes that make us less competitive with the rest of the world.

We need a president who understands that the private sector creates jobs, not the government. We need to encourage manufacturing - which is exactly why my economic plan focuses on that sector of our economy. But I take a far different approach than President Obama - I focus on empowering business from the bottom-up, not the government knows best top-down approach. We need to free American enterprise, America's entrepreneurial spirit, and American industry to grow; and this president is doing the exact opposite.

As president, I commit to standing up for manufacturing by completely eliminating the corporate tax for manufacturers and repealing the Obama Administration's onerous regulations. For years, we've heard that manufacturing jobs are gone for good - but I know that's not true, and I'm not willing to surrender these jobs to China as quickly as this Presidents is. If we can create a level playing field, I know with all my heart that the American worker will outperform anyone else in the world."

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