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Price: "The President's Budget is Indefensible."


Location: Washington, DC

House Republican Policy Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA) issued the following statement after the House Ways and Means Committee and House Budget Committee held hearings today reviewing President Obama's recently released budget proposal. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner testified at the House Committee on Ways and Means. Office of Management and Budget Acting Director Jeffrey Zients testified at the House Budget Committee.

"The president has presented to Congress a budget that is reckless on spending and taxes, borrows more against the future prosperity of our children and grandchildren, and punts on the challenges facing seniors under a broken Medicare status quo. The president's budget is indefensible," said Chairman Price. "Which explains why both Secretary Geithner and OMB Director Zients faced an uphill battle in trying to justify a budget proposal that harms job creators and never gets to balance. It never gets to balance because the president refuses to deal with the fiscally unsustainable health and retirement programs that are so vital to our nation's seniors. Neither the secretary nor the OMB director were able to adequately explain why this administration is not addressing the issue of Medicare in its budget with a plan to save and strengthen the program.

"As Medicare continues down a path to insolvency, the president is standing on the sidelines with no solutions in his budget to save the program. What is the administration waiting for? Solving Medicare's fiscal challenges will save health care for seniors and save this nation from a future of debt, doubt, and despair. That is why House Republicans have and will continue to strengthen and improve Medicare for seniors in our budget with greater choices that offers a contrast to the president's embrace of a broken status quo -- a status quo that will leave America's seniors behind. While the Democrat-led, Do Nothing Senate once again ignores its obligation to pass a budget and as President Obama continues to campaign across the country, House Republicans will move forward in a positive way on a budget that actually addresses the drivers of our debt as well as pro-growth proposals like fundamental tax reform that will encourage investment and growth here at home."

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