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Leader Cantor: Let's Set Aside Differences And Focus On Small Businesses

Press Conference

Location: Unknown

"Good morning, I think you may get tired of hearing me say this, but what is needed from this President is the leadership to focus on small business. Small business is the economic engine and the backbone of this country. We ought to be concerned about making it possible for small businessmen and women to get back in the game and create jobs.

"We just saw out today a Gallup poll of 600 small business people. Eighty-five percent of those small business people said they are not looking to hire new workers. They cited, overwhelmingly, the reasons they are not looking to hire new workers is because of the fear of rising health care costs coming out of this government and out of the health care law. They also said the reason why they're not hiring is the fear of increased regulation that will make it more difficult for them to keep the doors open and the lights on. We ask this President, please let's try and set aside the differences and focus on small businesses.

"We're going to be bringing forward a package of bills, and a measure which provides a 20 percent tax cut to small business people. Those are the kinds of things that we need to do to help grow this economy. Let's get out of the political mode, and start doing some things that help people get back to work."

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