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Smith Statement on Repeal of CLASS Act


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Smith released the following statement today after the House voted to repeal the Community Living Assistance Services and Support (CLASS) program, an entitlement program for long-term care payments that was inserted in the health care law. The program was written to make it appear it would cost less than it really would.

"It is clear that this $80 billion budget gimmick was never a viable solution. Despite warnings from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that "this program would collapse in short order,' Democrats went ahead with inserting it into their health care law so they could tout savings that didn't exist. Even the Obama administration has since admitted the program cannot work. Now that the House has acted to remove this unsustainable new entitlement program, I hope the Senate will move to repeal this unworkable policy.

"The unconstitutional health care law should be repealed entirely and replaced with legislation that expands access to care while curbing costs, and eliminating unfair mandates and penalties."

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