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Landry Statement on Obama's Debt-Filled Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Jeff Landry (R, LA-03) issued the following statement regarding President Barack Obama's annual budget proposal:

"The President's budget can be summed up as: debt, more debt, with an additional helping of debt.

Washington politicians have driven our country deep into debt by pushing through budget after budget of wasteful spending and debt ceiling increases. The Washington game has got to stop.

After tripling the nation's deficit in just his first year in office; once again, the President has released an absolutely irresponsible budget proposal that wastes hard-working taxpayer dollars, burdens American families with mountains of debt, and interferes with private sector business by picking winners and losers.

The President has already added $4 trillion of debt to our nation's books with the help of go-along lawmakers. Now, he is proposing $6 trillion more in debt over the next decade.

The President has chosen to not fix Medicare; rather, he proposes to rob it like he did with Obamacare. The President has decided to 'raise revenue' by punishing Louisiana's oil and gas industry instead of issuing more permits and putting our neighbors back to work. And the President has proposed large cuts to the safety net that keeps our family farmers afloat during rough times.

The American people deserve better than reckless spending, debt increases, and government bailouts. It's time Washington makes responsible spending cuts and balances the budget."

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