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Conaway: No Confidence in Attorney General


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Rep. K. Michael Conaway made the following statement after Attorney General Eric Holder testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee for his role in the reckless, dangerous, and botched Fast and Furious gun tracking operation.

"Today, I joined a number of my colleagues in expressing to the President our complete loss of faith and confidence in Eric Holder as the Attorney of the General United States.

"As the chief decision maker at the Department of Justice, Mr. Holder's principal duties are to ensure DOJ enforces the law and defends the interests of the United States. However, based on his botched execution of Fast and Furious and subpar management and oversight, it is clear he has failed in that responsibility.

"After more than a year of investigating, Congress has discovered that Mr. Holder not only attempted to deceive congressional investigators, but that members of his team conspired to silence whistleblowers and cover-up failures.

"Mr. Holder's failure to do the job President Obama asked of him now forces Congress to question his judgment and foresight.

"I believe Mr. Holder lacks the temperament to be Attorney General and I have no confidence in his ability to continue leading the department.

"Congress should not have to subpoena Mr. Holder or hold him in contempt just to get answers to answers to simple questions like, "what happened?' If he won't disclose information about the death of an American Border Patrol Agent, I fear what else he may be withholding."

Rep. Conaway is a cosponsor of H.Res. 490: a resolution expressing no confidence in the Attorney General of the United States.

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