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Congressman Burton: President's Budget is Just More of the Same Taxing and Spending


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN-05) issued the following statement after President Obama released the details of his budget:

"President Obama still doesn't get it. After 1000 days without signing a budget into law and with a National Debt that has eclipsed $15 trillion dollars, rather than even attempt to introduce a budget that could put our economy on a path back towards fiscal sanity the President has chosen to simply rename and re-brand the very same failed policies that succeeded in derailing our once mighty economy during his first term. In short, instead of receiving a tangible budget, Congress has been presented with yet another "ode to self" courtesy of the West Wing.

"Perhaps the most egregious example of this exercise in futility is the President's attempt to resurrect his $1.5 trillion dollar tax hike on the American people. Rather than make a concerted effort to curb his out of control spending, the President would like you to pay the bill for his social engineering. Even the President's own party summarily rejected this initial proposal. If there is still any doubt that this budget proposal was anything other than a long and tired campaign mailer, one need look no further than the most recent iteration of the President's failed stimulus package, now in the form of a $476 billion dollar infrastructure monstrosity that is undoubtedly comprised of the same shovel ready projects that have sat unfinished since 2009.

"Last year, the Republican led House passed a budget that kept taxes low so that the economy could grow, called for a simpler and less burdensome tax code for families and small businesses and strengthened the safety net programs for America's seniors. Rather than facing these issues head on, the President would rather double down on bad ideas.

"Instead of the President's ideologically charged wish list, I believe the American people deserve a bold budget that addresses Washington's reckless spending, a draconian tax code impacting job growth and drastic entitlement reforms. I look forward to working with my colleagues to make this a reality."

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