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Issue Position: Fiscal Policy

Issue Position

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When America freed itself from England and its mercantile system of economy, it adopted a laissez-faire free market approach with minimal government intervention. This laissez-faire strategy made America the largest most prolific economy in the World. However, when the self regulated economy started to have potentially devastating fluctuations, the Federal Reserve was created. The stock market crash of 1929 has been attributed to the Federal Reserve's monetary contraction that precipitated the tragic event. To the rescue were FDR's Keynesian-inspired New Deal economic measures that prescribed deficit spending and government direct involvement in the market sector.

This macroeconomic policy has brought America to the current dilemma of a $15 Trillion indebtedness with no end in sight and a perpetually expanding federal government. For the sake of the integrity and sovereignty of our beloved country, the national debt must be dealt with and spending brought under control. Free Market approach for our economy must be reestablished, with the Government acting as referee insuring that fair play is maintained and violators are punished.

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