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Issue Position: Term Limits

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We have seen dramatically the effect of long tenured House and Senate members who rise to power and leadership to push a personal agenda that is not in the best interest of America as a complete nation. Over long periods of time, these long-in-the-tooth power brokers have something on or with everyone in Congress that allows the "I'll scratch yours" mindset.

Ted Kennedy - 42 years; Harry Reid 23 years; Chris Dodd; 36 years; Barney Frank 30 years. Can you imagine Harry Reid controlling the Senate for another 20 years?

Ted Kennedy brought us the 1986 amnesty and pushed for it until the day he passed. Harry Reid gave us ObamaCare and a huge debt now and a humongous one looming in the future even though Harry told us taxes were voluntary. Dodd and Frank with their...oh it is painful to think about their hands in the bank failure debacle.

So many people have so many ideas on what the optimum length of service should be for the true representation the citizens... 4 years, 6, 12, 24 whatever. I would agree to any of those terms if I thought the members of the House and Senate would agree to it. If I could get it today....! Remember, these bodies are very unlikely to vote to limit their time in office and it's all about prestige and power not the citizens they represent. At one recent Townhall the statement was made " Now I know y'all did not like my vote for the debt ceiling, but...".

I will submit a bill for a Constitutional Amendment to limit terms of House and Senators as these are spelled out in the Constitution. This bill will call for adding to the Constitution Articles 2 and 3 paragraphs 3 the "No Person" paragraph.... No person herein duly elected may serve consecutively in this body for more than 18 years. I believe this will pass the states if I can get it through Congress. No promises here.

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