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White House Attempts to Retreat on Religious Freedom Mandate

Press Release

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Today, the Obama administration attempted to retreat from its mandate in the health care law that would violate the First Amendment rights of religious institutions. Senator McConnell said, "While the White House is trying to walk away from its original mandate, one thing this debate has made perfectly clear is that the administration believes the Constitution takes a back seat to its ideological goals. They're not sorry they violated the First Amendment; they're sorry Americans didn't agree with them when they did."

"This whole episode demonstrates why politicians should not be the ones to make determinations about religious beliefs and is just another reason why the deeply flawed health law needs to be repealed. Whether it is forcing people to buy government-chosen health insurance, or injecting Washington's oversight into nearly every aspect of people's lives, the Obama administration clearly believes that the Constitution is an inconvenience, not a guiding principle, in their implementation of the health law."

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