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Barletta Bulletin 02/03/2012


Location: Unknown

It's hard to believe that we're already into February. The first month of my second session has flown by.

Cynics will say that Congress doesn't do much in an election year, because those who are elected are afraid to anger the electorate before they vote.

But I am proud to say that we in the House believe this will be different. We expect to have a very busy year drafting legislation that will put Americans back to work, help our economy grow, and continue to trim the out-of-control federal spending.

And just the other day, my colleagues in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and I got off to a good start when we introduced a bill that will do all three things -- and much more.

The American Energy & Infrastructure Jobs Act (H.R. 7) will reform and streamline transportation programs, cut red tape in the project approval process, increase states' flexibility to fund their most critical needs, and encourage private sector participation in financing and building projects.

Simply put, the American Energy & Infrastructure Jobs Act will be the largest transportation reform bill since the Interstate Highway System was created in 1956.

But most importantly, this bill will create jobs. By committing $260 billion over five years, this bill means construction firms and related companies will know they will have long-term work, so they can hire more people and buy new equipment, spurring the economy. States will be able to fund their most-important road projects. And the highways and bridges around our district and around the country will be upgraded or replaced, making our transportation network safer for everyone.

This is a critical piece of legislation, and it's the first highway bill in years. In this newsletter, you can learn more about the American Energy & Infrastructure Jobs Act, and I encourage you to contact my Washington, D.C., office if you would like more information about this landmark legislation.

Very truly yours,

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