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Baseline Reform Act of 2012

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. WOODALL. Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to the motion.


Mr. WOODALL. Mr. Speaker, this is another one of those commonsense reforms that I'm so proud that this Budget Committee has brought to the floor, time and time again, and will continue throughout the spring.

When I get back home, Mr. Speaker, folks say, ROB, why haven't you gotten this done already? And my friend from Massachusetts has just laid out exactly the reason why. These are politics of division, not of unity. These are politics of fear, not of hope.

And I tell my friend, as he knows very well, this bill does not cut one penny from any of the priorities that he mentioned. My friend knows it to be true. Mr. Speaker, you know it to be true, and I say it to the American people today, what this bill does is to shine sunshine on what has been a budget process cloaked in darkness for far too long. And both parties have been complicit in that, Mr. Speaker, and both parties are going to unite today to change that history.

Mr. Speaker, do folks back home want to see over 50 different duplicative job training programs plussed up year after year after year, without any regard to their efficacy? No, they don't.

Do folks back home want to see education programs that have failed our children time and time again plussed up, while those education programs that are successful go needy? No, they don't.

Mr. Speaker, do folks want to see those income security programs that are providing insecurity to folks back home plussed up at the expense of those programs that can be a hand up out of poverty? I tell you they do not.

This bill does one thing and one thing only: This bill provides honesty in our budget process. And if this motion to recommit passes, we will return to the days where confusion, rather than clarity, is the touchstone of this budget process.

Chairman Ryan has given us an opportunity, with this legislation, to bring the American people into this debate, to make the budgeting here in this body look like the budgeting around the dinner table back home.

Are expenses going up in this country? They are, Mr. Speaker. Are times tough in this country? Yes, they are. When we spend $10 today and $12 tomorrow, the American people know that we're spending more and not less.

We can continue to put lipstick on this budget pig, as this motion to recommit would have us do, Mr. Speaker, but I encourage my colleagues to vote ``no'' on this motion to recommit and unite to throw open the doors of this institution and bring in budget sunshine once again.

I yield back the balance of my time.


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