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Leader Cantor: 417 House Members Supported The STOCK Act, The Senate Needs To Act On Our Bill

Press Conference

Location: Washington, DC

"We saw today on the floor what the two sides can do if they're willing to work together. The overwhelmingly bipartisan vote, 417 votes for the STOCK Act, demonstrates that we've got some work to do to restore the bond of trust of the public. I've been talking with Representative Walz, who's been actively involved in this issue since he came to Congress. He and I have agreed to stay in touch, to monitor this issue and to continue to work together.

"Again, it shows what we can do when we want to put our minds to it and work together in a bipartisan way. I also think the vote on the STOCK Act, 417 members, puts some pressure on the Senate to go ahead and take up our bill, as well as sends a signal to the White House that they should go ahead and accept the provisions which expand the disclosure requirement to members and individuals in the Executive Branch.

"I also think what this does - Mr. Speaker, I know you probably talked about the payroll tax holiday extension - is that we can work together if there's a will. Hopefully we'll be able to do that, and resolve the question that lingers in the minds of the working people of this country and make sure that they know their taxes are not going to go up."

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