Press Release: Ross Hails Passage of Congressional Pension Bill

Press Release

By:  Dennis Ross
Date: Feb. 7, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

Oversight Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, Postal Service & Labor Policy Chairman, Congressman Dennis A. Ross (R-FL), today hailed the committee passage of his bill, HR 3813, the Securing Annuities for Federal Employees Act. The SAFE Act would:

Applies all pension reforms affecting federal employees, to Members of Congress as well.

Places Members of Congress on par with federal employees for pension contributions, annuity multiplier and benefits

Ensures law enforcement and other federal employees in dangerous occupations receive a better pension formula than Members of Congress and other federal employees.

Establishes new pension formula for federal employees and Members of Congress hired after December 31, 2012 who have less than 5 years prior civilian service.

Calculates retirement payment for all federal employees and Members of Congress based on their highest five years of salary, not the current high three years.

Saves taxpayers billions and generates over $32 billion in new revenues
Upon passage, Chairman Ross said, "I thank Chairman Issa for bringing this bill before the full committee and thank my colleagues for their support. Ensuring that Members of Congress enjoy no better benefits than the rest of the federal workforce is a step in the right direction toward regaining our credibility with the American people. In addition, with payroll costs to the taxpayer approaching $450 billion per year, and pension costs exploding, asking federal workers and Members of Congress to contribute more to their retirement is not a burden too heavy. State governments, local governments and most certainly, the private sector, are all recognizing the reality that the burden of retirement costs must be shared. The federal workforce enjoys unparalleled job security, benefits, and according to CBO, vastly better incomes than their private sector counterparts. Requiring federal employees to catch up to the rest of the nation protects the taxpayer, protects the retirement future of federal workers, and brings the federal government closer to economic reality."

Dennis Ross, son of Bill and Loyola Ross, was born in 1959 and raised in Lakeland, Florida. He graduated from Auburn University and the Cumberland School of Law at Sanford University. He has served as in-house counsel to the Walt Disney Company and as an associate of the law firm of Holland & Knight. He previously served in the Florida Legislature from 2000 until being term limited in 2008. Dennis and his wife, Cindy Hartley, were married in 1983 and have two sons, Shane and Travis.

In the 112th Congress, Dennis will serve on the Committee on Oversight & Government Reform (Chairman of the Federal Workforce, Postal Service & Labor Policy Subcommittee) as well as the Education & the Workforce and Judiciary Committees.

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