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A Message from Rick: Wow


Location: Unknown

WOW. Last night, clean sweep victories in Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri were nothing short of stunning. Overnight we have changed the race for the Presidency. But it wasn't just a big win for our campaign -- it was also a huge win for conservatism and the tea party movement.

I'm also quite sure it sent shockwaves across the White House.

What this race is clearly coming down to is, do we want a nominee that is willing to fight for fiscal discipline and conservative values? Or do we want Mitt Romney, who agrees with Obama on big government healthcare mandates, the Wall Street Bailouts and radical environmental policy like job killing cap and trade?

Yesterday's results indicate loud and clear that people want a nominee who doesn't just talk a good conservative game, but actually lives it. And has the record to prove it. I hope you agree that I am that candidate.

There is one thing, though, that Mitt Romney's campaign has plenty of… and that's money. And we can't let that be the deciding factor for who becomes the Republican nominee.

Our campaign can counter that with thousands and thousands of small dollar contributions from conservatives and tea party supporters all over the country who are willing to fight to take back the White House.

Your immediate contribution of $10, $50 or $500 to our Pick Rick Moneybomb will allow us to continue the momentum we started last night with our wins in Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri. And with Super Tuesday just a few weeks away, it's imperative that we have the money to start television advertising in those states.

Since day one, I have considered you an invaluable running mate in my efforts to become President of the United States, and Karen and I will always be grateful for what you have already done. But now I must count on you again for an immediate contribution to our Moneybomb. I want to thank you in advance for what I am sure you will do to help us now.

Fighting for America,


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