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Costa Statement on President Obama's State of the Union Address


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Jim Costa released the following statement in response to President Obama's State of the Union Address.

"For too long we have fought today's partisan battles instead of enacting common sense policies for the future," said Costa. "President Obama is right that we need to build for tomorrow in order to get our economy back on track. The President touched on a number of long-overdue proposals that I support such as modernizing our infrastructure, passing comprehensive immigration reform, and reducing our deficit, which will require this Congress and the Administration to cool down the rhetoric and come together."

"In the Valley, we felt the shock when the housing bubble burst more than most. The President outlined a proposal similar to the HOME Act, which I support and will help underwater homeowners refinance at historically low rates. I have urged the Administration to take meaningful action on housing and look forward to working with them to give Valley homeowners much needed relief."

"Other than a quip about spilled milk, we heard little about agriculture, one of the brightest spots in our economy. The impact of our farms and dairies goes far beyond the fields in the Valley and nationwide. Everyday our farmers face overly burdensome regulations and foreign competition, which threaten their ability to thrive. I will continue to urge the President and his Administration to address the needs of American agriculture, which is helping drive our recovery."

"Building for the future means preparing for the challenges just beyond the horizon. I hope that the President and this Congress can put aside the everyday partisan warfare and find real solutions to our collective challenges. The President spoke of American men and women who serve in uniform working together and called on all of us to remember that what unites us is far greater than what divides us -- even in the midst of an election year."

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