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Congressman Pascrell Reflects on International Holocaust Remembrance Day


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-8) today offered the following statement as a reflection on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

"On this day we pause to remember the millions who perished across Europe as a result of the greatest evil the world has faced in modern history. As we mourn, we must also remember to also honor those survivors who carry the flames of hope and resilience across the world," said Pascrell.

"The outbreak of anti-Semitic crimes in Bergen County, including an attack against Rabbi Nosson Schuman and his family, was a chilling reminder of the hate and ignorance that persists in our world. But when communities come together and in the face of this hatred, we can stop it in its tracks. It is imperative that we carry forth our unified commitment to the world, and stand with Israel as it seeks to protect her people from the onslaught of tyrants seeking nuclear weapons, murderous terrorists, and a campaign to deny her legitimacy.

As we move forward, we must all pledge to ourselves every day that we will never turn away in the face of persecution or intolerance, and we will continue to bring to justice anyone who seeks to deny the Holocaust and import a murderous anti-Semitic ideology into our great nation."

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