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Rep. Quayle Introduces New Legislation to Rein In Backroom Overregulation


Location: Washington, DC

Representative Ben Quayle issued the following statement after his release of H.R. 3862: the Sunshine for Regulatory Decrees and Settlements Act, which makes agency rulemaking more transparent and ensures the public the opportunity to provide comment. This bill provides sunlight on a little known process that can dictate implementation of regulations by unelected bureaucrats that cost businesses millions of dollars annually. In Arizona, the EPA and nine environmental groups entered into a consent agreement that will affect the Navajo Generating Station and has the potential to raise Arizonans' electricity costs by 20 percent.

"The regulatory frenzy in Washington has gotten out of control. Unaccountable bureaucrats make thousands of rules behind closed doors which costs businesses billions of dollars and ties them up in red tape. I introduced H.R. 3862 to restore greater transparency and accountability to the rulemaking process.

"This bill will build on my previous regulatory reform efforts, such as H.R. 3392 which required that all federal regulations with an economic impact of more than $100 million go under review every ten years. America's small business are stifled by overbearing and unaccountable regulators. It's time to make the rulemaking process more transparent and ensure that American jobs are not destroyed by the arbitrary whim of an unaccountable federal bureaucrat."

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