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Leader Cantor: Let's Resolve Payroll Right Now And Send A Signal To Working Americans That Their Taxes Will Not Go Up


Location: Unknown

"The Republicans on the House side, led by Chairman Camp have been working, and are ready to make sure we resolve the issue of the payroll tax holiday extension right now. The issue has been the reluctance on the Gentleman's side of the aisle on the other side of the Capitol. If I thought that working seven days a week through weekends and all hours of the day and night would make a difference, I would be all for that as well. But the fact of the matter is, Mr. Speaker, this House continues to act. This House passed a year-long extension that also did not have the affect of raiding the Social Security Trust Fund, which is something the Gentleman and I both want to make sure happens so that we restore the integrity of that fund for the people who are counting on it.

"But, Mr. Speaker, I would say the House also this week acted on several measures that are very relevant to the work of the Conference Committee, but yet there is still no action by the Senate. One of those things, as the Gentleman knows, was passed out of the House this week. It was a measure calling for a pay freeze at the federal level for federal employees, including members of the House and Senate. This was a bipartisan vote, 309 members voted for that and it allowed for about $26 billion in savings that could be easily included in the Conference Committee deliberations, something that our side continues to want to include. But we still have no answer from the Senate Majority Leader and his conferees. Again I would tell the Gentleman, we are as anxious as you are to try and resolve these issues."

"I would ask the Gentleman if he could please direct his urgency towards the Majority Leader in the Senate to see if we can get this off the dime and resolve the issue of the payroll tax so that we can, as the Gentleman suggests, send a very certain signal to the people who are struggling out there working day in and day out, that their taxes will not go up."

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