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Congressman Cantor: We Welcome Jobs News But Must Remain Focused On Small Business

Press Conference

Location: Unknown

"Good morning, the jobs numbers today are certainly welcome news, and I think all of us want to see more Americans get back to work. But as my colleagues have laid out, we could do a lot better. The kind of policies that we are talking about are those in our Job Creators Plan. In fact, the President this week has indicated that perhaps he may now join us in focusing on the backbone of the American economy, which are American small businesses.

"We know that every business at one point was a small business. Small business startups and the number of jobs they've created are still woefully low. If we want to get more people back to work, if we want to reflect the kind of growth rate we have seen in the Reagan recovery and beyond, we can do that by focusing on small business.

"We're going to bring a bill to the floor of the House prior to tax day that provides small businesses with a 20 percent tax cut. That's the kind of measure that will help inspire entrepreneurs and small businessmen and women to go ahead and invest and create more jobs. They need a signal from Washington that there's not an adversary here, that we believe in the aspirational sense of America, that we believe in small business entrepreneurs."

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