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Issue Position: Spending

Issue Position


We need to give Congress an allowance and not a credit card that "We the People" get stuck paying. My solution works on the principle of they can't spend what they don't have. My three step solution is simple.

1. I advocate a Constitutional amendment creating a "Monetary branch" of the Federal government. This branch would replace the Federal Reserve system and the IRS. This branch would take from Congress the power to create currency and levy taxes. Currency creation and maximum taxation would be regulated in the same Constitutional amendment that created the monetary branch.

2. Congress' only source of funds would be the "Monetary branch". The Monetary Branch would distribute funds to Congress as allowed by the new Constitutional amendment creating the "Monetary branch".

3. The "Monetary branch" would be run by a board of 50 governors (each the president of a State Reserve bank). One governor appointed by each state governor for a lifetime appointment. Each bank governor would undergo a statewide popular vote of confidence each year. If the people of a State do not have confidence in their banking governor they will have the power to remove them.

This system gives States the power to give Congress an "allowance". This will prevent Congress from manipulating the currency and the economy. This plan puts the States in control of the purse strings of Congress and not private banks.

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